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Here at Laque’ Nail Bar we strive to provide quality customer service. We offer waxing, manicures, pedicures, artificial nails & much more. Give us a try!


Classic Manicure

Includes cuticle soak and treatment, nails trimming and shaping, a light massage, finishes with the polish of your choice.

Milk & Honey Manicure

Includes cuticle soak and treatment, nails trimming and shaping, a light massage, finishes with the polish of your choice.


All benefits of the classic manicure with gel polish that:
* 8 Lasts 14 days due to the high-performance wear
* Stunning crystal shine
* Zero dry time
* No nail damages



Begins with water whirlpool soak, toenail trimming shaping and buffing, and cuticle care. Followed by sugar scrub exfoliation to legs and feet, a foot massage and finishes with the polish of your choice.
* Callus treatment will be charge with an additional $5


Begins with soaking your feet in dead sea salt, followed by sugar scrub exfoliation, paraffin wax, and hot towel wrap. Includes all benefits of Maque’s Classic Pedicure. Finishes with the polish of your choice.


Take a journey to an new level of luxury and well-being. Begins with soaking your feet in a dead sea salt, followed by honey scrub exfoliation, plus milk & honey butter cream and lotion massage. Finishes with paraffin wax and the polish of your choice.


Aroma pedicure utilizes an aromatic scrub designed to gently remove dead skin cells and callouses. The moisture mask softens the upper layer of the skin, returning you a younger, smoother skin with uniform pigmentation. Your feet are then enveloped in rich lavender butter cream that contains Shea butter, vitamin A, C, D, and E for smoother and silky-soft feet. Finishes with Paraffin wax and the polish of your choice.
* Bonus with Shoulder Massage


Relax and rejuvenate with La Palm Spa Volcano Spa products. A new luxury spa experience in a single pedicure treatment. Detox Volcano Crystals and Activators combine to create invigorating and detoxifying experience with a fun bubbling explosion.
Volcano Spa Pedicure includes a 5-step luxurious treatment that allows your hard-working feet to be:
1. Softened with warm water added with Volcano Crystal
2. Detoxed with special Volcano formula
3. Then exfoliated thoroughly with sugar scrub|
4. Masked with collagen after that
5. And finally massaged gently with hot stone.
Heel cracks and dead skin will be removed, returning your original silky-soft pair of foot.
Available in 5 alluring cents: Honey pearl; Green tea aloe Vera; Orange; Romance


A luxury, pure bliss pearl powder is the secret of health and beauty used for thousands of years in Asia. Contains 31% calcium, 56% protein, and an assortment of amino acids. This is believed to promote a healthy and lustrous skin. Benefits of Pearl Powder include:
* Absorb oils and impurities
* Keeps skin smooth and supple, leaving it with a sheer radiant glow
* Filters sun rays
* Contains 20 amino acids, a natural moisturizer, and proteins which helps renew skin cells.
Service finishes with paraffin wax and the polish of your choice.
* Bonus Shoulder Massage.


Jelly Pedicure is a unique spa therapy that incorporates Jelly as core of the treatment for the ultimate luxurious experience. The playful aspect of jelly turns ordinary water into a translucent, fluffy jell. Developed in Japan, used by leading salons and enjoyed by many celebrities, jelly is now available in American salons and spas. It’s the latest trend in Spa Pedicure Treatment. Benefits of Jelly Pedicure include:
* Aloe Vera extract, which is gentle on sensitive skin
* Aloe Vera boosts hydration that helps moisturize dry and tired skin
* Jelly bits work as a natural exfoliant to remove dead skin cells
* Jelly soak absorbed into the skin and muscle to soothe sore spots
Service finishes with paraffin wax and the polish of your choice.
* Bonus Shoulder Massage *

Nails Enhancement / Artificial

SNS (Dip) Color – Full set
SNS (Dip) Pink & White
Solar with Regular Polish Full set / Fill-in
Solar Pink and White Full set / Fill-in
Solar with White Tips Full set / Fill-in
Solar Color Powder Full set / Fill-in

Kids 10 and Under

Polish Only – Hands / Feet


Nail Design
Nail Repair
Long Nails
Coffin / Stiletto / Almond
French / American
Shellac / Gel add-on service

Polish Change

Regular Polish Hand / Feet
Shellac / Gel Hand / Feet
French Shellac / Gel Hand / Feet


Full Face
Full Arms / Half Arms
Full Legs / Half Legs
Under Arms
Bikini / Brazilian

Glam up the Ordinary with the brilliance!

Get a break from your everyday boring nails and glam them up with some fresh lacquer and paint , some glitter and class from the best salon in town!

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Monday – Friday 9:30AM–7PM
Saturday 9:30AM–6PM
Sunday 11AM–5PM

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